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Esme's Story


March 4th, 2022, was a day filled with elation as Jacqui and Nathan Mackay set off on the 2 hour drive to the Wodonga Maternity Unit to welcome their 2nd child. What was about to unfold, however, was an experience they would never forget. Their little girl "Esme" was born lifeless and required extensive resuscitation. The immediate and tireless actions of the Doctors and Nurses at Wodonga Hospital saved Esme’s life. Once stabilised, she was flown to Sydney without her parents, for further care. Due to the nature of the delivery Jacqui was unable to travel for several days, leaving Nathan & Jacqui in a state of uncertainty 600km away from their newborn baby, until being reunited 4 days later. Esme’s parents describe the actions of the medical staff as "nothing short of a miracle & something we are all thankful for everyday". Almost immediately after hearing of Esme's ordeal family & friends wanted to rally around the Mackay's to help in any way possible. With Esme and her parents in Sydney, & big sister Letty staying with family, there was not an awful lot that could be done to help. Friend of the couple, Jamie, put forward the idea to raise money for the family to help with accommodation, food & fuel while they navigated the early weeks & uncertainty of Esme’s health. Jamie decided to complete the 4x4x48 challenge, and in doing so called on the community to sponsor the event and make donations, whilst raising awareness for the cause

The original 'Efforts 4 Esme - 4x4x48' fundraiser totalled 13 runs, 84.5km & raised just over $8000. After receiving the money raised, Jacqui & Nathan decided to donate it to Wodonga Maternity Unit – their way of saying 'thank you' for giving Esme her chance at life. This money allowed the Wodonga Maternity Unit to purchase equipment essential for the provision of outstanding services, for so many babies and families around the region. Albury Wodonga Health issued a 'Thank You' to Esme's parents, the communities of Tocumwal & Finley & the generous sponsors that contributed.

The Rally


The challenge started at 6am on Thursday 31st March and saw Jamie complete a 4-mile run (6.5km), every 4 hours, for 48hrs straight. On many of the efforts Jamie was joined by friends & supporters of the cause. A community event was organised at the Finley Recreation Reserve, with the help of friend and co-worker Heidi. This event lined up with one of Jamie's 4-mile efforts & saw local kids and families play games & participate in part of the run. With the help of local sponsors and friends 'Efforts 4 Esme' merchandise was made available to purchase, with all proceeds going towards the fund

Over a year on & Esme is thriving - a happy little girl with a cheeky grin & a sparkle in her eye, none the wiser of what she & her and her family have been through. After the success of the original Efforts 4 Esme event, Nathan and close friend Jamie came up with the idea to turn Efforts 4 Esme into a Registered Charity. With the support of friends, family and colleagues this has become a reality. The goal of the charity is to raise funds for local children and families in need, whether that be a sick child and their family who need a hand, or a child who has dream they want to follow. Times can be tough and we want to make those times a little bit easier as we are: ‘Fighting, to give others a fighting chance’ You will find us creating events in the Berrigan Shire and hope you will join in the fun and support us. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram and at

Thank you for reading all about Efforts 4 Esme

Get to Know Us

That brings us to now..

We look forward to your support. For more information on how you can assist us in helping our next generation live happy and healthy childhoods please contact us.

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